Saturday Morning Talks for 2016

1 April 2016

Here at O'Neills we cover a wide range of products and topics and over the years we have build up alot of knowledge. We'd like to try and share this with our customers. Therefore over 2016 we aim to have an information talk on the first Saturday of the Month on a different gardening topic.

These talks will be held in our Coffee Shop and are free to attend. They will be given by a specalist in each field as well as by my self and Gerry.

2nd April Compost - Explaining the different types

7th May Biological Control in your garden - Talk by David Davidson of Koppert Biological detailing the diiferent bugs that attack your garden plants and the biological products available to you.

4th June Summer Bedding planting demonstration - Learn how to plant your own hanging baskets and window boxes

2nd July Summer Pruning of your Fruit Trees - Learn how to maximise yeild from your fruit trees by pruning in the summer

6th August Making your own Jams and Preserves - Learn how to save your extra fruit by preserving it for the winter.

3rd September Composting in your garden - Learn how to make and manage your own compost heap.

1st October Attracting and feeding birds in your garden.

5th November Bare root hedging - Explaining the different types of hedging available.


We hope you will join us for which ever topics are of interest to yourself.

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