Pew Ends

Add a touch extra to your Church Flowers by decorating the ends of the pews. Below are some photos of Weddings we have done in the past. Pews are an excellent place to put your individual stamp on a Church or Venue. Decorations can be done with simply flowers, wicker pieces, jamjars or something special and indiviual to yourself.

If you have your own pieces you would like to use as pew ends we can work with you to involve flowers in whatever way you wish.

Naturally we deliver and place all pew ends on the morning of your Wedding.

  • Peoney Rose Pew End
  • pew end 1
  • pew end 11.JPG
  • pew end 12.JPG
  • pew end 13.JPG
  • pew end 14.JPG
  • pew end 15.JPG
  • pew end 16
  • pew end 17
  • pew end 2
  • pew end 3
  • pew end 4
  • pew end 5.JPG
  • pew end 6.JPG
  • pew end 7.JPG
  • pew end 8.JPG
  • pew end 9.JPG
  • Pew end collection.JPG
  • pew end hearts.JPG
  • pew end large heart.JPG
  • pew end on top.PNG
  • pew end rose and gyp.JPG
  • pew ends top seats.JPG