Button Holes

Often overlooked the male buttonholes are one of the vital elements to ones Weddings. 

A small but vital flower, they tie the whole bridal party and indeed family together. Normally done in a style to complement the Bridal flowers.

  • Butonhole calla lily
  • Butonhole dark pink
  • Butonhole dark red
  • Butonhole gyp and white rose
  • Butonhole soft pink
  • Butonhole white and green
  • Butonhole white rose
  • button holes
  • Buttonhole gyp
  • Buttonhole pink and gyp.JPG
  • Buttonhole pink and white.JPG
  • Buttonhole pink peoney
  • Buttonhole white and pink collection.JPG
  • Buttonhole white collection.JPG
  • Buttonhole white orchid
  • Buttonhole white rose and gyp.JPG
  • Buttonhole wild collection.PNG
  • Buttonhole yellow tulip.JPG